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It is a public research institution located in Hue, central Vietnam. It was formed in 1957 and is one of the nation’s oldest and best-known universities. It is organized into 12 faculties and schools, which provide programs in medical, engineering, economics, social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Hue University is well-known for its medical and health sciences programs, with the Hue University School of Medicine and Pharmacy being ranked as one of Vietnam’s top.
It is committed to research and innovation, and it has established a variety of research institutions and centers, such as the Institute of Biotechnology, the Institute of Resources and Environment, and the Centre for International Studies. These research institutes focus on a wide range of areas, including agriculture and biotechnology, environmental science and social science.

It has also created relationships with several international organizations, including universities and research centers in France, Japan, Korea, and the United States. These relationships enable students and faculty members to take part in collaborative research projects, exchange programs, and academic conferences.
Overall, it is a well-known Vietnamese university that provides students and faculty with high-quality education and research opportunities. Its significant concentration on medical and health sciences, as well as its commitment to research and innovation, making it a popular choice among students and researchers.

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Year of Establishment
NMC and WHO approved
50% in PCB
Intake for MBBS
June and July
Course Duration
6 Years
NEET Qualified
Medium of Teaching
World Ranking
Total Tuition Fee
21,800 USD
Living Cost

Hue University is a public, non-profit higher education school. Additionally, this university has branch campuses in Dong Ha and Ha Tinh. The Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam has officially recognised Hue University (HU), a coeducational higher education school in Vietnam. It is a relatively large institution, with a uni Rank enrollment of 45,000-49,999 students.
Hue University (HU) provides courses and programs that lead to officially recognized higher education degrees in a variety of disciplines, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.
Students can also benefit from a variety of academic and extracurricular resources provided by HU, including as a library, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange possibilities, and administrative support.

  • To attend Hue University’s medical school, you must have a high NEET score.

  • To meet the 10+2 requirement, you must have at least a 50% average in physics, chemistry, and biology.

  • Admission to Hue University requires that you be 17 years old on or before December 31st of the admission year and no older than 25 years old.

Application: Complete the online form and upload the required files from Hue University. Please bring a copy of your report cards from grades ten and twelve. In 12th grade, you must score at least 50% on your biology, chemistry, and physics exams.

Documents Required: An application, a letter confirming payment of all applicable fees, and a passport valid for at least two years may be required. The MBBS program needs applicants to be at least seventeen (17) years old.

Verification: Once they received each application, the admissions staff reviewed it. You will receive a letter announcing your approval or rejection based on the requirements.

NEET: In India, passing the NEET is mandatory for everyone

  • Grades 10th and 12th mark sheets

  • NEET Scorecard

  • The Passport

  • Required documents include a passport-sized photo,

  • Covid-19 report

  •  HIV information.

It is a significant public institution in the central Vietnamese city of Hue. The institution features a diversified student body and a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

It is like that of most universities, revolves around academics and extracurricular activities. Students must attend courses and complete assignments, but there are countless chances for students to participate in clubs, sports teams, and other organizations.

It includes a variety of student clubs and organizations that serve a variety of interests, including academic and professional groups, cultural and arts groups, and sports clubs. These organizations provide kids with opportunities to learn new skills, make new friends, and participate in activities outside of the classroom.

It provides students with a variety of facilities and services, such as libraries, computer labs, and sports facilities. Counseling, career services, and health services are among the student services available to help students with their academic and personal lives.

It is vibrant and interesting, with an emphasis on both academic and personal development. Students have numerous options to become engaged and make the most of their university experience.

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