MBBS in Uzbekistan FAQs

Our Expert Answers the most asked questions across google regarding MBBS in Uzbekistan in simple and clear words to help out the students.

What is the cost of MBBS in Uzbekistan?

The average cost of studying MBBS in Uzbekistan is approx. twenty lakhs.

How many years is MBBS in Uzbekistan?

After the new NMC Gazette, MBBS for Indian students in Uzbekistan is of 6 Years (5+1).

Is Uzbekistan MBBS valid in India?

Yes, Uzbekistan MBBS is valid in India if the university follows the points mentioned in the new NMC Gazette.

Is MBBS good in Uzbekistan?

The study of MBBS is exceptionally good in Uzbekistan. Many Indian students are currently
pursuing higher studies there. Uzbekistan has central Asia’s

How can I become a doctor in Uzbekistan?

You must study MBBS from Uzbekistan. Select any university which is also acceptable in your
country, and it will make you eligible to become a doctor in your country too. After completing your

Which is the best medical colleges in Uzbekistan?

Samarkand State Medical University is the best medical college in Uzbekistan.

Who approved medical colleges in Uzbekistan?

The ministry of health and education approves medical colleges in Uzbekistan.

Is Uzbekistan good country to study?

Uzbekistan is a perfect nation to study. It has central Asia’s oldest education institution, which
shows its roots are deeply embedded in history with a world center of education.

What do Uzbekistani people speak?

Uzbekistani people speak Uzbek language. It is the only official language of the country. Many
words are like Russian because it was the part of former USSR.

What is the cost of living in Uzbekistan?

The average cost of living in Uzbekistan is Approx. 8,000 to 10,000 Indian rupees.

Is Uzbekistan safe to live there after MBBS?

It is safe to live in Uzbekistan after MBBS because the crime level is low, the architecture is
excellent, Locals are nice and hospitable towards outsiders.

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