Our expert answers the most frequently asked questions about the NEET Exam on Google in simple and understandable words to help prospective students.

Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology are the main subject of NEET.

We recommend that students study classes 11 & 12 Books of Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology to get good marks because as per NTA (National Testing Agency), MCQ from NEET is based on NCERT Pattern.

There is a total of 92 chapters that are covered in NEET. You must study 11 chapters in Biology (Botany + Zoology), 15 chapters in Physics & 14 chapters in chemistry in Class 11. In class 12, You must study 10 chapters in Biology (Botany + Zoology), 15 chapters in Physics & 16 chapters in Chemistry.

While preparing for NEET, you should always give NCERT books a privilege.

But we are also aware that NCERT books are not so well explained. For in-depth knowledge to solve MCQ, you can select a guide that is simple and easy to understand.

There are many books available in the market. You should always choose a book based on your compatibility, not on what others recommend.

Always focus on time management because it will help you during the examination. You should focus more on MCQ solving and for that, you can purchase the last 30 years’ question bank from any good publication on the market.

Many times, we have read the whole chapter completely but while solving MCQs, we face problems. After studying one chapter,

Solve as many MCQs as you can from that chapter. Just make a routine and follow it strictly because as there is a saying ‘Rome was not built in one day’

Yes, NEET is easy for a student who studies every day under a fixed set of routines. But it is going to be very difficult for someone who is studying for 10 hours one day and not a single minute the others. Time management and healthy routines are all your need that is required to pass NEET with good marks. No need to do anything out of the line, just stick to your routine and follow it sincerely. Take proper rest, play some games, and focus on your studies.

No, there is not a single question from mathematics. But if you have a good grip on mathematical calculation, it will be helpful in solving the MCQ from physics.

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