MBBS in Russia FAQ's

Our expert answers the most asked questions on google about MBBS in Russia in simple and understandable words to help students.

What can I do for MBBS in Russia?

MBBS in Russia is very affordable. You just need to qualify for NEET and then choose an education consultancy firm you can trust. Because these are the matter of international borders, you must have a guide that will provide all the required support on the ground level.

DREAM MBBS STUDY ABROAD LLP is India’s most trusted education consultancy firm for MBBS Abroad. You just need to call 18002020041 and everything will be handled by experts.

All your needs like your admission process, documentation, forex need, visa approval, airport assistance, and on-ground support in a foreign country will be handled by them with full dedication and professionalism.

DREAM MBBS STUDY ABROAD LLP is the official partner of many universities in Russia, which makes them the first choice if you are looking for a good education consultancy firm.


Is Russia good for doing MBBS?

Yes, Russia is the first choice of Indian students for MBBS abroad. Russia is a well-developed nation and so is its health care system. There are many universities in Russia that are approved by WHO and NMC and teach MBBS completely in English medium for foreign students. The universities have excellent infrastructure, good hospitals, and skilled professors for training and educational purposes. One thing is for sure, you will never regret your decision of studying MBBS in Russia.

Can I settle in Russia after MBBS?

Yes, it is very easy to get settled in Russia after MBBS. It’s your choice. The total population of Russia is only 14 crores, while its size is approx. 5 times if compared to India. Due to this, getting a domicile there is very easy. There are more females in Russia than men. The total number of males in Russia is approx. 6 crores, while the total number of females in Russia is approx. 8 crores. Getting married to a local Russian girl is also not very tough. Once you are married there, all processes will be much easier than you think.

Is MBBS easy in Russia?

MBBS is MBBS, and it is very easy if you are studying on a regular basis and following the routine. If you are not focused on the study, then it is difficult either from Russia, India, or any other country. If we skip the heavy burden of NEET, MBBS is like normal schooling you use to do in classes 1 to 12. We always measure it on the scale of NEET. The only use of NEET is to get into a university because we don’t have enough seats in India. After that, it’s very normal. Getting up and going to classes every day, followed by a semester exam and then the final one. The same cycle will repeat for 6 years. Once completed you will be a doctor.

Is Russian MBBS better than India?

Yes & No. MBBS is MBBS. No good. Not bad. No comparison. All doctors are excellent regardless of their origin. This comparison has been destroying many innocent dreams. Students choosing MBBS abroad feel inferior, but this should not be the case. Have you seen a Russian patient coming to India for treatment or any Indian patient going to Russia for treatment? Everyone is living a healthy life and getting treated in their own country. As a sign of patriotism, An Indian should consider MBBS in India as the most superior medical system and a Russian citizen should consider MBBS in Russia as the most superior medical system.

What are the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia?

There is absolutely no disadvantage to studying MBBS in

Russia. Universities are WHO & NMC Approved. They are teaching in complete English medium for foreign students. They are taking special care of Indian students by providing extra classes to help them understand the concept. If a student is good at his study and


follows a routine of focused study, we don’t see any disadvantage. If you skip your study and are more focused on extra activities, then your decision to be a doctor is a disadvantage for your future.

Why do Indian students go to Russia?

: Indian student who wants to be a doctor is tired of giving NEET and not getting a university in India even after getting a good score due to the incapability of our education system. There are less than 1 lakh seats and more than 18 lakh applicants to fight for it. Even if we consider that more than 50% of students are not good at studying, what about the other 9 lakhs students. Today India has less than one lakh seats and all other remaining students are incapable to be a doctor. In the future, once our country has more than 2 lakhs seats then, the same incapable students will be capable of being a doctor. From my point of view, NEET is not held to test our students. It is to eliminate them and to hide the incapability of our education system.

Which country is best for MBBS?

All countries are best for MBBS. Education of medicine is not compromised anywhere in the world because it is responsible for someone’s life. Then what is the best, good and bad university? It all depends on compatibility. A bad university for you can be a good university for someone else. It depends on various factors like budget, body compatibility, language, and many others. For someone with a budget of 20 lakh, a university of 50 lakh can never be good, no matter how good the university is. Similarly, if someone is not comfortable in too much cold, a university in the Siberian region can never be good, no matter how good the university is. Please consult with a genuine and good counselor before choosing a university that recommends you a best-fitted university based on your demands and not on his profits.

Is Russian PG valid in India?

Not yet, but a draft has been introduced regarding the same and it is under processing with the concerned authority. We will update here as soon as we get any official information.

Is Russia good for Indian students?

Russia is the best place for Indian Students to study MBBS. You can understand it by looking at the numbers. More than 10,000 Indian students are currently studying in Russia. India has a strong diplomatic relationship with Russia.

Is Russia cheaper than India?

Yes, MBBS from Russia is very cheaper in comparison to India. You can complete your entire study of MBBS from Russia in under 20 lakhs, while in India you will have to pay an amount of approx. 1 crore for the same.

Why MBBS is so cheap in Russia?

We are a population of Approx. 136 crores people and everyone wants to be successful. The idea that education is the only way to get successful and live a lavishing life is hardly encoded among the people here. It transformed Education into a business, A never-ending business that will keep bringing profits. And this commercialization of education is the only reason why the study of any stream is so expensive in India. While in Russia, the education system is run by the government, and it is approximately free of cost for the Russian citizens. Foreign students are a big source of income for the universities because they can charge an amount that is very less from our point of view. For them, they are already charging a big amount because they are used to provide free education. The same amount can be utilized in the development of universities.

What is the salary after MBBS in Russia?

Like education, the health system is also run by the government in Russia. While working as an MBBS doctor, you can easily earn around 35k-80k per month depending on your experience.

How much NEET score is required for MBBS in Russia?

NEET marks is not required for MBBS in Russia. It is mandatory for Indian citizens to qualify for NEET so that they can come back after completing their study of MBBS from Russia and appear in the screening test to get a license for the practice of medicine in India. Qualifying marks are decided after NEET every year. For the session 2021-22, the qualifying marks for the General category were 138 and it was 108 for SC/ST/OBC.

Can we practice in India after MBBS in Russia?

Yes, you can practice in India after MBBS in Russia. You just must qualify for the screening test held by the National Board of Examination.

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