“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Some exclusive services we provide to the students


Free Counselling

We has a team of trained and expert mentors who assist in identifying professional goals, enabling the student to make the right academic decision

Our counselors provide personalized guidance in choosing courses that best fit your career or personal goals.

 We also conduct live interviews with university representatives from around the world and provide you with complete information on various study topics.


University Selection

Our Counselors help you choose the right university worldwide to suit the needs and requirements of the student. 

We examine our student’s academic records in accordance with the regulations laid down by the University.

We also provide scholarship test to best minds who deserve the best facilities without any hurdels.


Documentation Assitance

We will fully assist you when applying for a passport. We will provide you with an Admit Card to assist in obtaining a Tatkal (Tatkal) Passport. 

We will provide you with all the necessary documents to help you get an education loan. We will also assist you with the student certification, translation and all other documentation processes required to complete the admissions process.


Pre-Departure Guidance

Each year, We hosts a farewell party, a meeting of students and parents one day before departure. In this session, they will learn about travel guides in and out of their respective country. 

In addition, we allow you to contact other students who are already studying in their respective countries. We send our team members along with students on their journey and help them settle into their universities around the world. We understand when we are told that we have covered everything.


Forex Assistance

We help our students to get a currency exchange. At DREAM-MBBS, we ensure that our students receive the best conversion rate. 

We tied in with various international banks that offer foreign currency cards and traveler’s checks to students at the time of departure.


Travel Assistance

At DREAM-MBBS, we have a special section called XIANGXIN International Overseas Trade Division, which gives you the best option for travel. 

We will help you find the right airline for additional baggage plans. The department will assist you in your journey. We also make travel arrangements for student parents and relatives if needed

Post Departure Services

  • We travel with our students from the airport to the university.
  • We provide accommodation for our students until they get a hostel room.
  • We will assist you with your hostel registration and room allocation.
  • We will help you with the final documentation at the university.
  • We offer free calls to our students / parents / relatives from the university.
  • We will provide you with a local SIM card for your respective location.
  • We will assist you in registering in the hostel mess (or nearby if there is no mess in the hostel nearby)
  • We will facilitate you to issue your Library Membership Card.
  • We will help you with medical insurance.
  • We will assist you in your medical examination after you reach the university.
  • We will provide proper assistance in obtaining the Equality Certificate from the Ministry of Education of the destination country.
  • We allow you to coordinate with university authorities in monitoring students’ academic progress and behavior.
  • We will provide you with the appropriate information and advice for parents of students to obtain visas to visit their children.
  • We will assist you in visa extension if required.
  • We take great care of our students throughout the entire period of our study.
  • We facilitate the issuance of travel visas for parents (if required).
  • We assist parents in their travel arrangements.
  • We will assist you in obtaining air tickets during the study period.
  • We help our students enroll in MCI screening test coaching classes at the university.
  • If a student wants to change a room in a hostel, assistance will be provided if the student provides a valid reason.
  • Full assistance will be provided in case of emergency.
  • We help our students whenever possible.
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