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Founded in 1990, Khulna Medical College (KMC) is a medical school located in Bangladesh. It is a component of the larger Khulna Medical College and Hospital, which is referred to as the “250 bed hospital.” It is situated at the inter-district bus stop at the entrance to Khulna city. The school has an excellent track record in medical education in spite of this. Before 1989, the Khulna Medical College Hospital had 250 beds. Throughout the year, the concept of establishing a medical college was discussed. Thus, KMC was created. In its early years, the college had very little infrastructure and very few students when it began training undergraduates.

 PGT trainings were also offered in the hospital. Following that, a range of new facilities were made available, including those for residential use, research, and education. Through Rajshahi University, Khulna Medical College is connected to nine other government and private medical colleges. Rajshahi University awards MBBS degrees to students who successfully complete their fifth year of study and the Professional MBBS test. Direct control over this college is held by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), an affiliate of the Ministry of Health that is also in charge of it. The professional exams must be held at the university, and the results must be shared. Term finishes, card completions, and routine assessments are just a few of the occasions when internal exams are administered. 

Khulna Medical College has buildings suitable for training and education. There is an academic building next to the hospital structure. A four-story building houses the academic and administrative divisions. There are departments, the principal’s office, the students’ section, and other areas. For educational purposes, there are classrooms, galleries, a library, and an audio-visual unit available. For mixed classes, there are four sizable galleries. There are six dorms available for students. There are three internment hostels for doctors: one for girls and two for boys. Four stories make up one of the girls’ dorms and the guys’ dorm. The college’s and the hospital’s officers’ quarters are situated inside the perimeter.

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Why choose Khulna Medical College and Hospital

  • When compared to MBBS tuition in India, Khulna Medical College’s tuition is incredibly reasonable.

  • English serves as the main medium of instruction for the MBBS program. 

  • It grants reputable medical degrees all throughout the world. 

  • Modern infrastructure and technology are encouraged to be used in medical research. 

  • The structures of the hospital and college are clearly examples of modern architecture. 

  • There are no entrance examinations or language tests that need to be taken. 

  • Entry is not required by way of a donation or capitation fee.

  •  Outstanding faculty to provide the best possible medical education. 

  • a library with a substantial collection of medical books, periodicals, and reference materials. 

  • the ease of access to an anatomy teaching lab.

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Year of Establishment
NMC and WHO approved
65% in PCB for General
Intake for MBBS
September - October
Course Duration
6 Years
Qualifying Marks Required
Not Required
Medium of Teaching
World Ranking
Annual Tuition Fee
6500 USD (approx.)
Living Cost
15-20K INR
  • The Khulna Medical College provides a well-rounded educational atmosphere, full-time teachers, first-rate housing, first-rate labs, first-rate facilities, luxurious classrooms, and technology-enhanced instruction. 
  • The institute provides top-notch instruction and cutting-edge research. Medical practitioners dedicated to upholding social ideals, professional ethics, and lifelong learning are produced at the Khulna Medical College. 
  • These experts are competent, kind, and well-informed.
  • Not all students can afford the hefty tuition fees charged by private medical universities in India, thus the MBBS program at Khulna Medical College can be a tremendous relief for those who wish to study medicine overseas. 
  • Language barriers do not exist at the college because English is the primary language of instruction. 
  • This aids in removing various obstacles. 
  • This college is associated with several of Bangladesh’s leading physicians.
  •  Any of Bangladesh’s leading medical schools accepts direct applications from Indian students. 
  • No other entry examinations are required. 
  • For the benefit of the students, the college is well-equipped with all the modern amenities and is well-structured. 
  • Students from all over the world can also take use of the excellent dining facilities. 
  • The neighborhood will have access to lab tests and vaccinations thanks to the hospital. 
  • This will increase the need for healthcare services among the populace but also reduce future travel and exchange costs overseas.
  •  It provides the greatest opportunities and career guidance. 
  • The college’s campus is equipped with first-rate facilities. 
  • Excellent clinical activities are available. 
  • It has elevated the standard of medical education consistently. 
  • Serving others carries a sense of responsibility and providence. 
  • The college engages in social responsibility as well.
  • Students must have passed the NEET exam.
  • The student must have reached the age of 17 on 31 December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must have completed the 12th grade with at least 65% from a regular board.
  • Students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade.

Step 1: Choose your program and fill out the application form.

Step 2: Fill in the visa invitation inquiry form.

Step 3: Get all the required documents and mail them to the university along with the above forms.

Step 4: You will receive an invitation letter within 30 days after approval from the university.

Step 5: Apply for a student visa and come to the university after you get the visa.

Step 6: Upon arrival at the university, students must pass the entrance exam for admission.

Step 7: If you have passed the entrance exam, sign a contract with the university to become a student of the university.

Step 8: Pay the tuition fee along with any other required fees.

  • Application form and Visa invitation form
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical certificates (with vaccination reports)
  • Health insurance
  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 2.5 years
  • Student visa
  • Photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • HIV certificates
  • Covid-19 certificates
    Note: Make sure you legalize all your documents and translate whichever is required.
  • 1. Boys Hostel There are eight structures total. 
  • 209 671 total seats in total rooms Seven in all in the dining room Cafeteria
  •  Prayer Room: Auditorium
  • Playfield
  •  Girls’ Dormitory Old Structure Rooms for a total of 145 580 seats Brand-New Structure
  •  A total of 26 rooms A total of 104 seats
  •  There are two dining rooms altogether.
  •  One cafeteria One prayer room and one auditorium

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