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In Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China, there is a public medical school called Kunming Medical University. Kunming Medical University has been around since 1933. To create a specialized medical program in 1933, Donglu University led the way for what is now Kunming Medical University. In 1956, it became its own medical school and changed its name to Kunming Medical College. 

Kunming Medical College was named one of the most important colleges in Yunnan province in 1993. After being looked at by China’s Ministry of Education in 2012, the college became a university and changed its name to Kunming Medical University. Kunming Medical University is now Yunnan province’s biggest specialized medical school. It is one of the best universities in China to go to Kunming Medical University. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given its approval to Kunming Medical University. The NMC has approved Kunming Medical University. This means that students can take entrance exams like the USMLE, PLAB, and HPCSA. Government of Yunnan Province, the Department of Education, and the China Medical University Program have all approved Kunming Medical University. The ranking of Kunming Medical University in China is 132, and its ranking in the world is 1076. English is the main language used at Kunming Medical University, so both international and Chinese students can understand it.

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Why choose Kunming Medical University for MBBS

  • Kunming Medical University gives its students a lot of opportunities. The professors at Kunming Medical University are very skilled and qualified. 
  • Kunming Medical University has well-equipped labs where people can do experiments to learn more. 
  • Kunming Medical University gives its students a solid background in medicine. 
  • There are books like textbooks, encyclopedias, research papers, journals, editorials, and more in the library at Kunming Medical University. 
  • The costs of going to Kunming Medical University are pretty low. 
  • Students who want to study MBBS at Kunming Medical University can get financial help through scholarship programs. 
  • Kunming Medical University is ranked less than 200 in China and less than 2000 in the world. 
  • The different departments at Kunming Medical University each have their own professors and labs. 
  • Students can go on exchange programs with students from other countries at Kunming Medical University. 
  • There are better job opportunities at Kunming Medical University. 
  • The online application process for Kunming Medical University is easier.

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Year of Establishment
NMC and WHO approved
65% in PCB for General
Intake for MBBS
September - October
Course Duration
6 Years
Qualifying Marks Required
Not Required
Medium of Teaching
World Ranking
Annual Tuition Fee
5,500 USD (approx.)
Living Cost
15-20K INR
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved Chinese medical schools. 
  • China has some of the best schools and school infrastructure in the world. 
  • China’s medical schools offer exchange programs that help students learn. Price-wise, education in China is pretty reasonable. 
  • The housing options at Chinese universities are pretty cheap and suitable for students. 
  • China is a center for education, and the government there pays for schools. 
  • Any university in China, including medical universities, gives financial aid or scholarships to students who need them and deserve it. 
  • In China, there is no test to get into school, and there is no donation fee. 
  • Many international students from all over the world are able to study at Medical Universities of China, which creates a diverse environment.
  • Students must have passed the NEET exam.
  • The student must have reached the age of 17 on 31 December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must have completed the 12th grade with at least 65% from a regular board.
  • Students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade.

Step 1: Choose your program and fill out the application form.

Step 2: Fill in the visa invitation inquiry form.

Step 3: Get all the required documents and mail them to the university along with the above forms.

Step 4: You will receive an invitation letter within 30 days after approval from the university.

Step 5: Apply for a student visa and come to the university after you get the visa.

Step 6: Upon arrival at the university, students must pass the entrance exam for admission.

Step 7: If you have passed the entrance exam, sign a contract with the university to become a student of the university.

Step 8: Pay the tuition fee along with any other required fees.

  • Application form and Visa invitation form
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical certificates (with vaccination reports)
  • Health insurance
  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 2.5 years
  • Student visa
  • Photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • HIV certificates
  • Covid-19 certificates
    Note: Make sure you legalize all your documents and translate whichever is required.
  • At Kunming Medical University, there are dorms that are connected to academic buildings. 
  • Kunming Medical University has rooms that are fully furnished and can fit two or three students sharing. 
  • The hostels at Kunming Medical University have everything you need, like a bed, air conditioning, a heater, an iron, a TV, a cabinet, a fan, bedsheets, and more. 
  • The food at the Kunming Medical University cafeteria is made in a way that is safe and clean.

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