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Kyrgyzstan has recently emerged as a hub for international students looking to pursue MBBS abroad. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is one of the oldest and most-looked-for medical schools in the country. This is one of the best government universities. It has a large campus with great facilities and experienced teachers who provide high-quality education.

Kyrgyz State Medical University Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, students aren’t just limited to lecture halls. They can also get hands-on experience in the well-equipped labs and learn a lot in the huge libraries. Students at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy have the best chance to participate in many activities outside of school, such as conferences, symposiums, clinical circles, seminars, and projects that help them learn more about the subject as a whole. 

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is a government medical school in Bishkek that is where you can get your MBBS. Kyrgyz State Medical University is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in Kyrgyzstan. It was founded in 1939. At the university level, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is one of the best medical schools in the country. It is linked to and approved by WHO, NMC, FAIMER, and IMED. 

Students are trained to take the USMLE, PLAT, and NZREX if they want to get their master’s degree in a country other than their own, like the USA, UK, New Zealand, and so on. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy also has the highest percentage of students passing the FMGE in all of Kyrgyzstan. In order to teach international students, the academy wants to use the newest techniques and technology. 

All of the classes at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy are taught in English, so language is not a problem. All of the hospitals that are connected to the college have the technology that students need to get good training. There are skilled and qualified teachers who teach all kinds of diagnostics and tests, such as thermo-vision, angiographies, endoscopic techniques, hyperbaric oxygenation, laser therapies, and different ways to detoxify the body.

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Year of Establishment
NMC and WHO approved
65% in PCB for General
Intake for MBBS
September - October
Course Duration
6 Years
Qualifying Marks Required
Not Required
Medium of Teaching
World Ranking
Annual Tuition Fee
3000 US Dollar (approx)
Living Cost
15-20K INR
  • It is affordable for international students. 
  • The teachers are highly qualified and have worked as teachers for 80 years. 
  • There is no entrance examination. A score on the NEET is enough to get in. 
  • The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic both recognize the medical faculty. 
  • It has the world’s second-biggest anatomy lab. 
  • Students can get help with the NMC Screening Test to make sure they do well on the test and pass it. 
  • MBBS is taught in English only. 
  • Indian students can use the Indian mess to make their lives better. 
  • A separate hostel for girls that keeps them safe and secure. 
  • The KSMA is connected to all of Bishkek’s hospitals. 
  • It is linked to and recognized by WHO, NMC, FAIMER, and IMED. 
  • There are more than 1800 Indian students studying MBBS at KSMA right now.
  • Students must have passed the NEET exam.
  • The student must have reached the age of 17 on 31 December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must have completed the 12th grade with at least 65% from a regular board.
  • Students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade.

Step 1: Choose your program and fill out the application form.

Step 2: Fill in the visa invitation inquiry form.

Step 3: Get all the required documents and mail them to the university along with the above forms.

Step 4: You will receive an invitation letter within 30 days after approval from the university.

Step 5: Apply for a student visa and come to the university after you get the visa.

Step 6: Upon arrival at the university, students must pass the entrance exam for admission.

Step 7: If you have passed the entrance exam, sign a contract with the university to become a student of the university.

Step 8: Pay the tuition fee along with any other required fees.

  • Application form and Visa invitation form
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical certificates (with vaccination reports)
  • Health insurance
  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 2.5 years
  • Student visa
  • Photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • HIV certificates
  • Covid-19 certificates
    Note: Make sure you legalize all your documents and translate whichever is required.

There are six hostels at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy in Bishkek. Three are on the main campus and the other three are close to it. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has different housing arrangements for students from Kyrgyzstan and other countries. It is suggested that international students stay at an International Students Hostel because those hostels have everything an international student could need.

Some of these needs are rooms that are comfortable and fully furnished, rooms that have good internet access in all of them, and extras like hot water, etc. At the hostel, the students are given clean food and water. Students can get an Indian food mess. Tent No. 1 at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Tent No. 7 at the same school, and Tent No. 8 at the same school are all homes for international students. There is a separate hostel just for girls where they can stay safe. No. 8 at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is only for girls to live in. All of the rooms are big, and they are all fully protected and watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

There are guards on duty 24 hours a day to keep the students safe. Also, there are laws against ragging that protect students from any kind of teasing, bullying, or ragging. Facilities for students are set up so that they can share. Students from other countries can also stay in other hostels, apartments, and other places for an extra fee. International students can also live with local students to get a better sense of the culture and improve their exchange. Students can hang out with each other in common areas, multimedia centers, leisure rooms, reading rooms, and other places. Services are easily accessible and can be reached on foot from the main hostel campus. There are all the comforts that students need on and around campus.

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