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Formerly known as “Ummah Medical College” (1994–1995) and “Moulana Bhasani Medical College” (2002-07), Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital (SMAMCH) is a non-governmental medical college. It is situated in Bangladesh’s Uttara Model Town in Dhaka. Moreover, the parent organization is the esteemed Shaheed Monsur Ali Trust. It is a prominent college, so you can put your blind faith in it. Because of its high caliber of instruction, it has grown to be a magnet for international medical students. Mrs. is the College’s chairperson.

 Laila Arjumand oversees a team of top-notch instructors and staff, led by principal Prof. Rd. Kaji Jahangir Hossain. This MBBS degree has been recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, and India has granted permission for those graduate students to practice medicine there. The college’s three-acre academic complex is equipped with first-rate amenities, including large lecture halls, exhibit galleries, departmental museums, libraries, cafeterias, and spaces for extracurricular activities. It supports both comprehensive growth and high-quality education. Performance at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital has been strong in the past. It is listed as one of Bangladesh’s most esteemed universities.

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Why choose Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital

  • Minimal package: Despite being a world-class college, there are no arbitrary fees. 

  • High-quality education: Give pupils a well-rounded education that will enable them to succeed in all areas. 

  • Additionally, the highly qualified professors help them study both theoretically and practically every area of their degree and job. 

  • It provides further exposure abroad for those preparing to pursue a global medical career.

  • Students can focus fully and uninterruptedly on their academics in a healthy environment that colleges provide. 

  • The breathtaking “Turag River” meanders across the college’s campus, providing a picturesque backdrop and a tranquil ambience. 

  • It promotes medical research, a culture of teamwork, and guidance through a variety of means, including in-depth lectures, group projects, hands-on field workshops, distinguished alumni gatherings, etc. 

  • Moreover, it offers the library high-speed Wi-Fi Internet coverage. 

  • upholds proper etiquette and order in regards to dorms and restrooms.

  •  (There are separate options for males and girls.) With cutting-edge technology and contemporary comforts, it offers round-the-clock emergency, indoor, and outdoor services.

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Year of Establishment
NMC and WHO approved
65% in PCB for General
Intake for MBBS
September - October
Course Duration
6 Years
Qualifying Marks Required
Not Required
Medium of Teaching
World Ranking
Annual Tuition Fee
8800 USD (approx.)
Living Cost
15-20K INR
  • The Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital’s curriculum is entirely oriented on the growth of each individual student. 
  • Value-based studies, hands-on field workshops, case-based learning, and guided research projects are all used to supplement the academic instruction. 
  • Here, students acquire advanced medical skills in methodology and research procedures. 
  • Additionally, they learn how to apply their knowledge to medical practices in a suitable manner.
  •  Students of Shaheed Monsur Medical College get exposure to other countries, which helps them develop international careers. 
  • In order to assist the underprivileged, it hosts numerous talent and scholarship programs.
  •  It presents the real world at an early age. 
  • Together with their studies, they obtain experience while providing suitable assistance to patients. 
  • Additionally, postgraduate training is offered.
  • Students must have passed the NEET exam.
  • The student must have reached the age of 17 on 31 December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must have completed the 12th grade with at least 65% from a regular board.
  • Students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade.

Step 1: Choose your program and fill out the application form.

Step 2: Fill in the visa invitation inquiry form.

Step 3: Get all the required documents and mail them to the university along with the above forms.

Step 4: You will receive an invitation letter within 30 days after approval from the university.

Step 5: Apply for a student visa and come to the university after you get the visa.

Step 6: Upon arrival at the university, students must pass the entrance exam for admission.

Step 7: If you have passed the entrance exam, sign a contract with the university to become a student of the university.

Step 8: Pay the tuition fee along with any other required fees.

  • Application form and Visa invitation form
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical certificates (with vaccination reports)
  • Health insurance
  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 2.5 years
  • Student visa
  • Photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • HIV certificates
  • Covid-19 certificates
    Note: Make sure you legalize all your documents and translate whichever is required.
  • Because they are situated in urban regions, there is access to a good transportation system. 

  • elevated security norm Rooms for Reading Indian food is served in the cafeteria because many Indian students study there. 

  • The hostel offers a comfortable living space with two beds and an ideal environment for studying. 

  • Because Bangladesh has a relatively low cost of living, the hostel rates are affordable. 

  • furnished with state-of-the-art facilities and lodging infrastructure.

  •  Basic amenities such as internet, laundry, college canteen, and mess are accessible at every block. 

  • 24-hour police presence, a hospital, complete security, water supply, etc. 

  • Services Provide extracurricular activities, sports complexes, libraries, and research labs, among other amenities.

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