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Currently, Ukraine is one of the most active topics in world news. Because it is in a state of struggle many important issues are affected as local people are homeless and the economy is devastated. However, the most important factor that is affected is the education and professional life of all domestic students in addition to international students.

Due to the militant situation, Ukraine has ordered the university to remain closed until further notice. It’s because college students are ignorant because their tuition and dreams are destroyed between the bombs and bullets of war.

First of all, we offer our condolences to all the innocent students who lost their lives in this struggle. we are here. Now no student will have to give up their studies because of the struggle. There are alternatives like Ukraine to help you complete your education.

Russia has one of the best mass education systems in the world and a long tradition of providing quality education to all citizens. The literacy rate in the Russian education system is 98%, which is higher than most Western European countries. Top Russian universities are located in Moscow and Holy Russia. It also ranks 23rd in the list of world education.

Why Should Students Choose Russia over Ukraine?

  • There is no need for entrance exams like IELTS and TOEFL.
  • No down payment and no financial aid.
  • Russian MBBS is recognized through NMC and WHO.
  • Coaching standard with high rating
  • Low cost of living in Russia.
  • All universities are affiliated to the Russian government.
  • College students can practice in India after appearing in NMC screening test.
  • Russian MBBS is taught in English.
  • Students eat Indian food on campus.
  • They provide college students with Russian language training to facilitate verbal communication with patients.
  • Russian universities are known for their advanced scientific campuses, excellent laboratories, and intelligent teaching techniques.
  • Partnerships with global universities provide global experience for science graduates.
  • Russian universities respect academics, along with academic papers, research analysts, scientists, etc.

How to Get the Transfer to any University in Russia?

All transfers from other countries or universities are handled by the Russian Education Center. Now let’s examine the process of transferring to a Russian university

Credit transfer procedures from all international locations and universities outside the Russian Federation and the CIS require more documentation than transfers from Russian universities.

Students must provide complete transcripts of the subject and details of credit hours of previous education. They must account for their educational differences from university programs and obtain an equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education of Russia in order to be able to enter our university as a transfer student.

The accreditation process of equality and difference in universities has a fee of 1000 dollars that the student must pay. The Russian Education Center will provide you with all the information and guide you through the entire student transfer process.

The accreditation process is done exclusively through the Russian Education Center.

Students who need to transfer credit from another country to a Russian university must submit the following files for admission:

  • Official transcripts from previous colleges and universities attended.
  • School certificate
  • International passport (travel document)

If the student is allowed to transfer credit points, the above files must be transported in their original condition (legalized through the Embassy of the Russian Federation).

These files are sent to the Russian Ministry of Education for accreditation, calculation of progress gaps and credit hours. If the Ministry of Education determines that the previous qualifications are identical to the Russian curriculum and curriculum, the student will receive a certificate of approval for admission to the year in question. Otherwise, candidates must follow the recommendations set by the Ministry of Education.

Applicants must send scanned copies of transcripts by email and must send originals certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their country and legalized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Russian universities accept qualified transfer students from various universities. Russian universities have a semester system. Admission is based on the student’s academic record.

Some programs are very competitive and may require a lot of consideration.

The Russian Education Center assists candidates throughout the process.

Documents Needed

Check if you have the following list of required files to start the application process.

  • 10th and 12th certificate + mark sheet
  • A passport that is valid for at least 18 months.
  • Original English birth certificate
  • Photo-10 (4.5×3.5 cm)
  • Invitation issued by the Russian Medical University
  • Certified document from Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • The legality of all documents from the Russian Embassy.
  • Visa Fee
  • tuition receipt
  • HIV test document
  • Medical Certificate
  • Health insurance
  • Covid-19 report

This is the procedure issued by the Russian Education Center for the transfer of students to universities. Russia is also at war with Ukraine, but in this war, it is much safer because of advanced technology and one of the best defense systems.

As always, you have to work your way up and try to get the college options you want.

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