Why Are Indian Students Want to Study MBBS Abroad?

Indian students are very much attracted to study MBBS abroad due to factors like limited seats in Indian medical colleges and the desire for a unique global experience. Additionally, some students are drawn to explore alternative education systems and cultures. The opportunity to challenge themselves academically and personally in a foreign setting is a significant motivating factor for many Indian MBBS aspirants.

Dream MBBS Study Abroad plays a vital role in helping students fulfill their of ambition of studying abroad to become doctors. In this blog, we will delve into why Indian students are attracted to study MBBS from abroad and which are the top universities to study MBBS.

Difficult admission process in India

One of the primary reasons studying MBBS abroad for Indian Students is the intensely competitive admissions process in India. Government medical colleges have a limited number of seats, and entrance exams like NEET are highly competitive. This leads many aspiring medical students to explore alternative options abroad, where entry requirements may be more accessible.

Quality of education

foreign medical universities are well known for their excellent teaching and modern facilities. Indian students are attracted to these institutions because they provide world-class medical programs and opportunities to learn from experienced faculty members.

Simplified Admission Process

In India, the process of gaining admission to medical colleges often involves rigorous entrance exams, counseling sessions, and quotas. In contrast, some universities have simplified their admission procedures. Many do not require complex entrance exams like NEET, making it easier for Indian students to secure a seat in their desired medical program.

International Exposure

Indian students who study MBBS abroad gain effective global experience. They learn about various medical practices, diseases, and patient populations. This exposure broadens their horizons and enhances their ability to adapt to different medical practices, ultimately making them more globally competitive doctors.

Career Opportunities

Completing an MBBS degree abroad can open up global career opportunities for Indian students. They may choose to practice medicine in the country where they studied or explore job prospects in other countries, leveraging their international education and experience.



The very first medical university in Central Asia is the Samarkand State Medical University. The main goal of the University is to train highly qualified medical personnel who meet international standards.

The University has a long history that began in 1930. Over the years, the University has made a significant contribution to the advancement of medical science, both locally and globally.

Key features of SSMU:

  • National Medical Commission of India approved medical university 
  • Medical students have access to lecture halls and multimedia classrooms at the Institute.
  • The Institute’s students have a large library with Internet access and computers.
  • Instruction is provided in English.
  • Indian teachers are also working at SSMU.
  • Affordable tuition and loan options are available.


Tashkent Medical Academy, located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, is a prominent medical institution known for its excellence in medical education and research. It offers a wide range of medical programs, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and is recognized for producing skilled healthcare professionals who contribute to the healthcare system both in Uzbekistan and abroad.

Key features of TMA:

  • Students gain from the university’s partnerships with global scientific and educational institutions, which give them access to knowledge and opportunities.
  • The experienced faculty of the university work hard to implement cutting-edge teaching techniques.
  • MCI (Medical Council of India) recognition.
  • NMC and WHO approval
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Complete education in English medium.
  • Living expense is minimal.


Founded in 1932, Bashkir State Medical University is one of the top medical universities in Russia. Located in Ufa, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, BSMU is renowned for its excellent academic programs, modern facilities, and experienced faculty.

Key features of BSMU:

•  English Medium of Instruction: BSMU offers English-medium medical courses, making it an ideal choice for Indian students.

•  Affordable Tuition Fees: The university provides affordable tuition fees, making quality medical education accessible to Indian students.

•  MCI/NMC Recognition: BSMU is recognized by the MCI and NMC, allowing graduates to practice medicine in India after passing the required examinations.

•  Research Opportunities: BSMU boasts advanced research facilities and encourages students to participate in research projects, giving them invaluable hands-on experience.


In conclusion, a variety of reasons are responsible for the increasing interest of Indian students to study MBBS abroad. Indian students pursue MBBS abroad to overcome competition, reduce costs, access quality education, gain international exposure, and simplify the admission process.

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