Free Mock Test on NEET

Free Mock Test on NEET – With a Scholarship worth 15 lakh

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Hello everyone,

DREAM MBBS STUDY ABROAD LLP has brought “Free Mock Test on NEET” & The winners will get a scholarship worth Rs. 15 Lakhs. We know that as the time is passing by, All NEET aspirants are searching on the internet for Free mock test on NEET but more than 90% of websites are full of advertisement and they are more focused on collecting the sensitive information from students. So, They can sell it to the highest bidder.

Mock test is very much important because it provides the students with an opportunity to write the exam many times before it has happened in real. There is a saying in Chinese literature that “You will never be successful by what you have done once or twice, Success will come by the act you do repeatedly”

We have organized two types of MOCK tests based on the NEET pattern. One will be available 24*7 and we will update the new question set every 24 hours. The aim to conduct this is to provide the students with an opportunity to practice and sharpen their skills before NEET. The other mock test is organized to provide scholarship for the extra-ordinary students to support their higher study.

The total scholarship DREAM MBBS STUDY ABROAD LLP will disburse this year under this scheme is of Rs. 15 lakhs.

The exam dates are mentioned below-:

*26 June’ 2022

*29 June’ 2022

*3 July’ 2022

*6 July’ 2022

*10 July’ 2022

*13 July’ 2022

The winners will be decided on the overall performances in these mock tests based on NEET Pattern. The result will be published publicly for everyone to evaluate.

How to register for test?

The registration link will be available from 11.30 AM – 20 June’ 2022 and will be opened till 11.30 AM – 26 June’ 2022. Students will register at (Link be only be operational from the time mentioned)

To register yourself, you will need to enter your name, email, mobile number, date of birth, and NEET application number (Optional). Your data is 100% secure and safe with us. We are only collecting this information to let this exam be transparent. We only want genuine students to appear in this scholarship examination. This will prevent spammers and scammers from appearing in this exam to gain some money.

How it will help in NEET?

After every mock test, we will display results along with State-Rank, Country-Rank and a complete analysis of your performance by the experts. We will suggest you to practice and focus on specific topics which we think will be helpful based on your performance. Because there are very less time left in NEET and every single minute matters. All our hard work and efforts should be in right direction to gain the best possible benefits.

What are the instructions for examination?

*After successful registration, You can log in and check the exam.

*Mock test for practice will be available 24*7 and the questions will be updated every 24 hours.

*The mock test for scholarship will be available from 12:00 PM to 3:20 PM on the mentioned dates.

*During the examination, You can not switch tabs on mobile/tablet/desktop/laptop. Doing the same will terminate your exam automatically.

*If you will not be able to submit examination before time, It will automatically be submitted when the time will be over.

*You can review the questions. Next and back tab will active during examination.

*You can also change the answers before submitting the examination.

Is there any hidden charges?

No, This mock test is completely sponsored by DREAM MBBS STUDY ABROAD LLP. Our aim is to support our students.

A message from DREAM MBBS

We wish all our students good luck and expect them to be honest with themselves. We hope that our scholarship program benefits the students in the best way possible. We will try to be the best Judge and will be transparent during entire process. For any doubt or query, you can call us at 18002020041. or, You can write us an email at

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