MBBS Abroad vs MBBS in India

MBBS Abroad vs MBBS in India – Know all the differences

Education means getting educated, it doesn’t mean getting into comparison. I am tired of listening to MBBS abroad vs MBBS in India. MBBS is MBBS, not abroad, and has nothing to do with made in India campaign. our students don’t get a seat here due to our inability. We cannot expect or command anyone to keep trying for an unnecessary examination which has nothing to do with the quality of training and education of our future doctors. it is made to eliminate them so, that we can hide our inability and still appear to be the nation with the best medical facilities in the entire world. while we don’t even have a position in the top 10 countries that provides the best medical care facility system. why is so? when most famous doctors worldwide are of Indian origin.

Top 10 Countries with Best Health Care System
Top 10 Countries with Best Health Care System

I have a simple answer for this and that is our discrimination, our comparison, and the title of the Nation with the world’s best health care system that is like a tag of the self-proclaimed king which is bestowed upon us due to misinformation.

we had enough and we need to stop now if we wish to improve the health care system of our nation. this is our nation. yours. mine. why should not we raise our voices?

why should we worry about any examination like NEXT or FMGE? we can prepare and prepare ourselves to be efficient and trained enough to crack any examination like a game of dice.

For this, we need quality education and training. we are here to offer you that only.

we have universities that have world-class infrastructure and world ranking better than many famous universities in India. we are providing special facilities like Indian mess by an Indian chef to make you feel at home and to save your time. you will utilize the same time to prepare yourself to be the invisible army of this nation. our universities have an Indian coordinator to help you with every up & down.

Dear future doctors, DREAM MBBS STUDY ABROAD LLP care for you and that’s why we are here.

If you are dedicated to your goal then nothing can stop you.

you want to be, and you will be a doctor. Either from India or abroad

Doctors are the invisible savior or better to say the invisible army of this nation, who are fighting and saving the lives of millions. Be it a pandemic or a normal day-to-day battle with diseases.

So, don’t be late because you have golden opportunities for the study MBBS in excellent universities abroad in multiple nations such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Georgia & many more in your budget. We also have cheap MBBS abroad for Indian students. Such as MBBS abroad under 15 lakhs.

Ab Sirf Raja Ka Beta Raja Nae Banega. Now, not only a king’s son will be the king. we believe in equality and an equal platform for every single student of this great nation.

Mera Bharat Mahaan.

call us at 18002020041 for counseling. you can also visit our office for guidance. visit our website at https://dreammbbs.in for more details. You can visit https://dreammbbs.in/admission-form/ to apply for admission.

Check out the oldest medical university in Central Asia & the best medical university in Russia for Indian students.

best medical university of russia
Check out the oldest medical university in Central Asia, the Samarkand State Medical University of Uzbekistan at https://dreammbbs.in/samarkand-university/
Oldest medical university
Check out the best and most advanced medical university in Russia, Bashkir State Medical University at https://dreammbbs.in/bashkir-state-medical-university/

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