Is 150 Marks Enough for MBBS Government Seats?

For many students in India, becoming a doctor is a dream come true. Nonetheless, getting into a government college and earning an MBBS seat is quite difficult. One issue that prospective medical students frequently have is if receiving 150 or more points on the NEET exam is sufficient to get a government seat.

Generally speaking, the response is no. In India, the cut-off score for government MBBS seats is much higher and frequently exceeds 500 out of 720. This is a result of the extremely high demand and limited supply of seats for these seats. Students who don’t receive the necessary grades frequently feel let down and have to make difficult decisions about what to do next.

Opportunities Abroad

Thankfully, obtaining lesser scores on the NEET does not indicate that an aspirant physician’s career is over. A score of 150 points may be enough to gain admission to some of the universities that provide high-quality, reasonably priced medical education in several different nations. Indian students wishing to pursue an MBBS degree are increasingly choosing to study in nations like Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Why Study Abroad?

Quality Education

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has acknowledged the universities in these nations, and their curricula adhere to international standards. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recognizes a large number of these universities.

Affordable Fees

Comparing private medical colleges in India with those outside, the cost of medical education is substantially less. This makes it a good choice for students with different financial situations.

Hostel and Indian Mess Facilities

One of the major concerns for students and parents is the living conditions in a foreign country. Numerous colleges overseas offer fully equipped dorms for its residents. There are also Indian mess facilities accessible, so students can eat meals they are accustomed to and feel more at home.

Dream MBBS: Your Pass to Achievement

Navigating the admissions process in a foreign country can be daunting. Here’s where Dream MBBS and other education consultancies come into play. Numerous reputable universities, like Bashkir State Medical University, West Kazakhstan Medical University, Samarkand State Medical University, and Karakalpak State University, are in direct communication with Dream MBBS.

Services Offered by Dream MBBS

Guidance and Counseling: Professional counselors assist students in determining which options are ideal for them depending on their preferences and grades.

Admission Assistance: Everything is taken care of by Dream MBBS, from application to seat reservation.

Visa Assistance: The firm offers complete assistance in securing the required visas.

Travel and Accommodation: For students, assistance with lodging and travel arrangements guarantees a seamless transfer.

Post-Admission Support: Dream MBBS offers support to students when they are admitted, making sure they are at ease and settled in their new surroundings.


Even though getting 150 on the NEET may not guarantee you a spot in the government MBBS program in India, it does offer up a world of opportunity elsewhere. Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan are among the nations that provide reasonably priced, high-quality medical education. Aspiring physicians can successfully negotiate the challenges of foreign admissions and realize their dream of becoming doctors with the assistance of education consultancies such as Dream MBBS. Therefore, don’t let your NEET score stop you from pursuing a profession in medicine if you are passionate about it and determined to do so. Investigate your options overseas and start your journey toward a fulfilling career in medicine.

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