Why Indian students are choosing MBBS abroad

Why Indian students are choosing MBBS abroad?

Indian students aspiring to become doctors are increasingly choosing to pursue MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degrees abroad. There are several reasons why Indian students are opting for MBBS abroad, including:

  1. Limited availability of seats: The number of MBBS seats in Indian medical colleges is limited, and the competition is fierce. With lakhs of students appearing for the NEET exam every year, only a fraction of students can secure admission in Indian medical colleges. Therefore, students are exploring other options, including studying MBBS abroad.
  2. Cost: The cost of studying MBBS in India from government universities is relatively lower compared to foreign universities but have very few seats. However, with the increasing demand for medical education, private medical colleges in India have high fees, making it challenging for many students to afford it. In contrast, MBBS programs in foreign universities, particularly in countries like China, Russia, and Ukraine, are relatively affordable.
  3. Exposure to International Standards: Studying MBBS abroad provides exposure to international standards of medical education. Foreign universities offer a more advanced curriculum, world-class infrastructure, and clinical exposure, providing students with an opportunity to learn from experienced doctors and gain practical knowledge and skills.
  4. Recognition: MBBS degrees from foreign universities are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are valid in several countries, including India. Students who pursue MBBS abroad can take the screening test to practice medicine in India.
  5. Language Barrier: With several foreign universities offering MBBS courses in English, language barriers are not a significant obstacle for Indian students. In fact, studying in an English-speaking country can help students improve their communication skills and broaden their horizons.

In conclusion, Indian students are opting for MBBS abroad due to the limited availability of seats in Indian medical colleges, high fees of private medical colleges, exposure to international standards, recognition of foreign degrees, and the opportunity to improve their language skills. However, students should do their research, choose a reputable university, and ensure that the degree is recognized in India before making a decision.

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